WDS Special Meeting Documents

Petition for special meeting (with proposed bylaw changes) (PDF) The petition drafted and submitted by WDS members requesting a special meeting. We received the 400 necessary signatures in just two days! The exhibits are the proposed bylaw changes.

Summary of proposed bylaw changes (PDF) A summary of the proposed bylaw changes that we've written. More information can also be found in our FAQs about the proposed bylaw changes.

Notice of special meeting (PDF) This is the official notice of meeting sent by WDS in response to the petition. The petition is accompanied by a "message to our members" that attempts to discredit the process. A response to the misleading statements in the notice is below.

Response to September 27 WDS "message to our members" (PDF) The response from CDWS to the September 27 letter from WDS.

CDWS Answer to WDS Few Facts (PDF) A response from CDWS to the October letter from WDS entitled "A Few Facts..."

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