CDWS Mission

Our mission is to craft and deliver the message about quality dental care delivery and the importance of the doctor/patient relationship in Washington State. We want to continue to promote a high standard for oral health for all the citizens of Washington State.

We believe that the management of Washington Dental Service has compromised the relationship it has with its member dentists, and that patient care will suffer as a result. WDS is the largest dental plan in Washington and policy changes will have a significant impact on the way dental care is delivered in our state.

We believe that the recent bylaw changes by WDS deprive member dentists of meaningful participation in WDS. In addition to supporting a petition for a special meeting with WDS, we may also branch out into public education and awareness campaigns about the delivery of dental care, which could involve collaborating with other organizations.

We are identifying target groups for this messaging (unions, benefit coordinators, the public, etc.).

We will provide informational and provide tools for dentists to evaluate their practices. We will also update dentists on activities related to our mission.

We will solicit contributions to fund the marketing firm, legal, and website costs. All excess donations will be donated to a public information campaign.

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